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Terms of Sale

Thank you for considering an FSF animal to add to your herd. We spend so much time and energy with these wonderful animals and we are thrilled to see their success in other herds.  It’s well-known around the area that we maintain a small herd, freshening up to 16 does per year, but only milking approximately 12 throughout the year.  This requires that we share our animals with others.  

Regarding Pricing 
When prices are shown for available animals, these are for animals available via pick up at the farm.  No shipping or additional vet fees are included.  Those would need to be added in situations that required shipment or transport.  If you would like to reserve an animal, please send a deposit of $100 per head ordered. If your reservation becomes unavailable or does not meet our standards of quality, we will refund your deposit, hold it over to the following year or transfer it to another kid if that is your desire, however there are no refunds on canceled orders. If a reservation is canceled (for any reason) after committing to purchase said animal, the deposit, along with any money paid upfront, is forfeited.

 We reserve the right to retain any animal for herd replacements.  If you are interested in a buck kid, they must be pre-ordered as we only keep bucks that we have orders for or ones that we plan to keep and use in our herd. 

Payments on mature animals will hold that animal until pick-up within an agreed upon period of time. Sending a payment is a guarantee that you will buy that animal at the agreed upon price quoted and within the time frame specified. 

*Please note:  There is a $50 charge on any checks returned for non payment.  In addition to the $50 fee for returned checks, all previous discounts are voided.  


Updated November 03, 2019