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FSF Triton Zion

Goat, Saanen, Jr. Doe (female) | white

ADGA# AS2108298 | DOB: 3/10/2020 (Under 1 yr)

Whey-To-Go Triton *B

Whey-To-Go Triton *B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 2031054DOB: 3/20/20191 yr
Triton comes to us from Camille O'Connor in Idaho. Triton has a long bone pattern and carries himself so elegantly. We are looking for a to adding this touch of style in our 2020 kid crop.
 ADGA# 2031054 white
SG FSF Bentley Zenica 3*M

2019 LA Score 02-04 90 VEEE

SG FSF Bentley Zenica 3*M

SaanenSr. Doe (female)white
ADGA# 1855552DOB: 3/19/20173 yrs
Zenica is a big girl, no way around it! And has an udder that is capacious, balanced and productive. Well into her 3rd lactation at 3 years of age, she is the highest producer in the barn in 2020. This doe has been ignored in the show ring her entire life. Now 3 years old, in her 3rd lactation, SG FSF Bentley Zenica 3*M (90VEEE) (AS1855552) is hard to ignore. Not only is she a monster of a doe in body size, she is also currently producing 18# milk per day at 79 days in milk. She has a mammary system that alot of my dairy cattle friends envy! Zenica's sire is SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B (AS1616726). Her dam is SGCH FSF Big Zeta 2*M (91 EEEE) (AS1677910). Zenica has a hair trigger of an attitude, being the resident biter in the barn. I won't lie, that attitude has put her on my short list from time to time! Being one of the few Bentley daughters remaining in our herd, she has a special place here.
 ADGA# 1855552 white
Service Sire:
Vineyard View True Summit *B

Grandson of 2019 ADGA National Champion

Vineyard View True Summit *B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 2025464DOB: 4/26/20191 yr
Summit comes to us from Scott Bice in California. We hope to have straws available of Summit, after collection. We will reserve the right to sell straws until our 2020 kid crop is evaluated.
 ADGA# 2025464 white

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