Marjoram as a milking yearling, June 2020.

Marjoram as a milking yearling, June 2020.

MN State Fair 2019 MN State Fair 2019

Milking yearling in 2020

FSF SocialClimber Marjoram

Goat, Saanen, First Freshener (female) | white

ADGA# 2011863 | DOB: 4/4/2019 (1 yr)

SG Des-Ruhigestelle SocialClimber +*B
SGCH FSF Bentley Madison 11*M

2018 LA Score 05-03 91 VEEE

SGCH FSF Bentley Madison 11*M

SaanenSr. Doe (female)white
ADGA# 1635726DOB: 3/3/20137 yrs
Madison has been our dependable foundation for many years. What do you say about the doe who has done everything you ask of her? And continuous to be steady and consistent? Nothing other than I am so proud of her.
 ADGA# 1635726 white
Service Sire:
Vineyard View True Summit *B

Grandson of 2019 ADGA National Champion

Vineyard View True Summit *B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 2025464DOB: 4/26/20191 yr
Summit comes to us from Scott Bice in California. We hope to have straws available of Summit, after collection. We will reserve the right to sell straws until our 2020 kid crop is evaluated.
 ADGA# 2025464 white

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Marjoram was the AI breeding that we held our breath for... we really wanted a buck kid out of this breeding, so we could create a Jr herd sire... but we were excited to have Marjoram instead! Marjoram got the memo in her pedigree that said grow large and produce lots of milk. She is off like fireworks as she starts her first lactation. To say this gal has some large hooves to follow is an understatement, but she is doing her best to live up to those expectations. She has been producing 8-10# milk per day in her first couple of milk tests. She is what you expect from a milking yearling, she needs time to fill in all the parts, but with that large promising frame and beautiful mammary, we'll wait for this one to mature! Her dam is SGCH FSF Bentley Madison 11*M (91VEEE) and her sire is ELITE Sire SG Des-Ruhigestelle SocialClimber +*B. We will likely repeat the breeding from 2019 in fall of 2020, to Vineyard View True Summit *B (AS2025464) in hopes of getting a doe kid to keep.


RCH Jr Saanen doe - 2019 MN State Fair
2019 - CH Jr Saanen doe - Rice County Fair

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