Fern, June 2020.  2nd freshening 2 year old.

Fern, June 2020. 2nd freshening 2 year old.

2019 MN State Show - milking yearling 2019 MN State Show - milking yearling

2019 LA Score 01-04 86 VVVV

FSF General Fern 4*M

Goat, Saanen, Sr. Doe (female) | white

ADGA# 1934536 | DOB: 3/27/2018 (2 yrs)

Pleasant-Grove Start General

2019 LA Score 02-05 89 VEV

Pleasant-Grove Start General

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 1843221DOB: 2/11/20173 yrs
Pleasant Grove Start General (AS1843221) comes to us from Craig Koopmann in Iowa. General appraised 89VEV as a 2 year old in 2019. He is maturing into a stately gentleman, and is the sire of many of our 2 year old and yearling does. He has certainly filled in and kept growing since then! We like what we see in these does - correct mammary systems with with a will to milk and proportionate body size.
 ADGA# 1843221 white
GCH FSF Tau Fireside 3*M

2019 LA Score 04-04 90 EEEE

GCH FSF Tau Fireside 3*M

SaanenSr. Doe (female)white
ADGA# 1719581DOB: 3/3/20155 yrs
Fireside is a doe that is more moderately sized for our herd, but all her parts and pieces are in proportion. With a beautiful mammary and a personality to match, Fireside is a beloved member of our herd.
 ADGA# 1719581 white
Service Sire:
FSF Triton Mt Rainier *B

A new son from our herd matriarch

FSF Triton Mt Rainier *B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# AS2108338DOB: 4/8/2020Under 1 yr
Well, rules are made to be broken sometimes, isn't that what they say? Well, I'm going with that. I have never retained paternal brothers... but I am this year. Sired by Whey-To-Go Triton *B, Rainier is an April born son of none other than our beloved herd Matriarch, SGCH FSF SVP Mercedes 10*M (91VEEE). Mercedes has been he foundation of our herd in so many ways, and when we said goodbye to her this spring, I knew her son would stay and work here. We are excited to use a Mercedes son in our herd again. We retained and used a Mercedes son, SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B, years ago, and it worked out well for us. It is interesting to compare these paternal brothers, even at their young ages, and see how they do carry alot of their maternal attributes. This may turn out to be the best idea I've had in a while... it can't be the worst idea!
 ADGA# AS2108338 white

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Fern was a cute milking yearling in 2019. She has the silkiest udder, just like her dam, Fireside. She has freshened wonderfully in 2020, and her udder texture is still amazing. She has really deepened as she has come into her 2nd lactation.

Updated 10/15/2020