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2018 ADGA National Show

2018 ADGA National Show

2017 - First Freshening 2 year old.

2019 LA Score 04-04 90 EEEE

GCH FSF Tau Fireside 3*M

Goat, Saanen, Sr. Doe (female) | white

ADGA# 1719581 | DOB: 3/3/2015 (5 yrs)

Noble-Springs SET Tau +B

Noble-Springs SET Tau +B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 1692642 DOB: 2/21/20146 yrs
Tau added length, style, and dairyness to our herd. We cherish the Tau does we have in our herd.
 ADGA# 1692642 white
SG FSF Big Pearl 2*M
Service Sire:
Whey-To-Go Triton *B

Whey-To-Go Triton *B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 2031054DOB: 3/20/20191 yr
Triton comes to us from Camille O'Connor in Idaho. Triton has a long bone pattern and carries himself so elegantly. We are looking for a to adding this touch of style in our 2020 kid crop.
 ADGA# 2031054 white

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Not for Sale


Fireside is a doe that is more moderately sized for our herd, but all her parts and pieces are in proportion. With a beautiful mammary and a personality to match, Fireside is a beloved member of our herd.

Updated 3/13/2020


2019 LA Score 01-04 86 VVVV
Sr. Doe (female)2 yrswhite 
Not for Sale