2018 ADGA National Show

2018 ADGA National Show

2017 - Bluff Country Classic 2016 MN State Fair Zeta as a kid - 5 months of age.

2019 LA Score 05-03 91 EEEE

SGCH FSF Big Zeta 2*M

Goat, Saanen, Sr. Doe (female) | white

ADGA# 1677910 | DOB: 4/9/2014 (5 yrs)

SGCH FSF Vendicator Sir Bigelow +*B

Permanent LA Score 05-03 90 VEE

SGCH FSF Vendicator Sir Bigelow +*B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 1551009DOB: 3/30/20118 yrs
Mr Big as we called him, was a phenomenal buck, one that added a lot of general appearance and smoothness of blending to our does, while also keeping the strength we so admire.
 ADGA# 1551009 white
SGCH FSF Cosmo Las Vegas 1*M
Service Sire:
Pleasant-Grove Start General

2019 LA Score 02-05 89 VEV

Pleasant-Grove Start General

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 1843221DOB: 2/11/20172 yrs
General comes to us from Craig Koopmann in Iowa.
 ADGA# 1843221 white

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Zeta is a powerhouse of a doe! And so smooth in general appearance. She has passed those traits on to her daughters and sons as well.

Updated 11/3/2019


Freshening in 2020
Jr. Doe (female)Under 1 yrwhite
Not for Sale
2019 LA Score 02-04 90 VEEE
Sr. Doe (female)2 yrswhite
Not for Sale
2019 LA Score 03-04 90 VEEE
Sr. Doe (female)3 yrswhite
Not for Sale