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2018 ADGA National Show

2018 ADGA National Show

2017 ADGA National Show 2016 - 2nd freshening 2 year old. 2013 - MN State Fair Jr CH

2018 LA Score 05-03 91 VEEE

SGCH FSF Bentley Madison 11*M

Goat, Saanen, Sr. Doe (female) | white

ADGA# 1635726 | DOB: 3/3/2013 (7 yrs)

SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B

SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B

SaanenBuck (male)white
ADGA# 1855552DOB: 3/19/20173 yrs
 ADGA# 1855552 white
SGCH FSF SVP Mercedes 10*M

Final LA Score 05-03 91 VEEE

SGCH FSF SVP Mercedes 10*M

SaanenSr. Doe (female)white
ADGA# 1444358DOB: 3/4/200812 yrs
Mercedes is our herd matriarch. We gave her the year off in 2019, but she insists on being bred for 2020. Here's hoping we can support her at 12 years of age!
 ADGA# 1444358 white
Service Sire:
Vineyard View True Summit *B

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Not for Sale


Madison has been our dependable foundation for many years. What do you say about the doe who has done everything you ask of her? And continuous to be steady and consistent? Nothing other than I am so proud of her.

Updated 11/12/2019


The Most Anticipated Kid of 2019
First Freshener (female)Under 1 yrwhite 
Not for Sale
2019 LA Score 02-04 86 +VVE
Sr. Doe (female)3 yrswhite 
Not for Sale